The SVMV is creating a new membership option for 2019.

The option of becoming an Extraordinary member makes it possible for interested publishers, who do not (yet) satisfy the requirements of an Ordinary member to nevertheless still gain access to the association. This means that access can be provided to the knowledge of a large group of people and the interests of these publishers are also represented to the industry and the outside world.


Ordinary members (OM) 200.00 CHF

  • As an OM, companies working in the music industry can join if their interests are chiefly those of a music publisher
  • Documents such as the following can be used for registration: HR excerpt, catalogues, publication examples, membership of SUISA (Swiss Cooperative Society for Authors and Publishers), SwissPerform etc.
  • OM applications are to be approved by the Managing Board
  • OMs pay the full annual membership, which is fixed every year by the general meeting
  • OMs have the right to vote


Extraordinary members (EOM) 150.00 CHF

  • EOM can be foreign publishers with SUISA membership, artists and producers, who publish their own works, publishers without their own publishing activities or other interested parties associated with the publishing industry
  • EOM applications are to be approved by the Managing Board
  • EOMs pay an annual membership fee of ¾ of that of an ordinary member
  • EOMs do not have the right to vote


Committee members (CKM) 

  • Any person with an interest in music publishing can apply to the Managing Board to work for the SVMV on an honorary basis
  • CMs are appointed by the Managing Board
  • CMs benefit from the network, know-how and relevant activities of the SVMV in the (music) publishing market of Switzerland
  • CMs do not pay any membership fees, unless they are also an OM or EOM of the SVMV at the same time
  • CM have the right to vote within the committee, but not in the Managing Board, or the general meeting, unless they are also an OM or EOM at the same time


Members of the Managing Board (MB) 

  • OMs can be elected to the Managing Board and in special cases also EOMs (see Articles of Association)
  • MBs pay the membership fee in accordance with their membership category
  • MBs work for the SVMV on an honorary basis, but special expenses can be reimbursed by the association after a prior resolution by the Managing Board

As a member of the SVMV, you can benefit and contribute at the same time.


The SVMV offers:

  • A broad international network / provision of contacts
  • Advice and support from professionals on request
  • Attractive training and further training opportunities in Switzerland and abroad (1/2h legal-, and tec – consulting per member per year)
  • Representation of interest towards the world of politics, business and other market participants
  • Rolling news about the technology, legal and music industry, which concern the publishing industry
  • Aloud Records & Publishing

    Country: CH (TI)

    Genre: Rock, R&B, Blues, Reggae

    Further activities: Production

  • Ambulance Records

    Country: CH (ZH)

    Genre: Rock, Pop, Metal

    Further activities: Label, Management

  • B & B Song | Francesco Bagutti

    Adresse: Via Cortivalll 44, 6924 Sorengo

    Telefon: 091/966 64 48


    Musikstile: Rock, R&B, Blues, Reggae

    Zusätzliche Aktivitäten: Production

  • Check Point Music GmbH Publishing | Martin Schiess

    Country: CH

    Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B, Country, World, New Age, Instrumental, Children

    Further activities: Licencee/Licensor, Production, Admin.Catalogue, Intermed. of authors/ songs/composers

  • Deepdive Publishing | Stefan Schurter

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, Rap, R&B, Blues, Reggae, Folk, Country, World
    • Additional activities: Distributor, Licensor, Licensee, Administration catalogue, Own label, Promotion
  • Editions Lausanne-Musique p.a. Disques VDE-GALLO | Olivier Buttex

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Classical, Ethno, Jazz
    • Additional activities: Printed Music
  • Ferrini Entertainment GmbH | Mario Martellotta

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: dance
    • Further activities: Distributor, Licensor, Licensee, Production, Administration, own label, promotion, jingles
  • Inmelo Music | Oscar Palmadés

    • Country: CH
    • Genre:Contemporary Jazz, Brazilian Fusion, Broken Beat, Modern soul, Deep Disco, Fresh House, Instrumental Hip Hop, Vocalized Dub.
    • Further activities: Label, Production, Distribution, Art Direction, Events
  • Mouthwatering Records | Andreas Ryser

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: pop, alternative, rock
    • Further activities: Label, Licensor, Management
  • Musikvertrieb AG | Ursula Graf

    • Country: (CH)
    • Genre: pop, rock, classic, folk, worldmusic,
    • Further activities: n.a.
  • OBHMUSIC Sagl | Otto B. Hartmann

    • Country: (CH)
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Easy Listening, Classical
    • Further activities: Licensor, Licensee, Production Promotion
  • Sonic Lab Sound + Vision GmbH | Andi Jud

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock
    • Further activities: Licencee, Licensor, Own label, Promotion, Jingle-Prod., Intermed. of authors/composers/songs
  • SWIMP Music GmbH | Mario Goncalves

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: pop, dance, rap, R’nB, andere
    • Further activities: Lizenznehmer, Lizenzgeber, Produktionstaetigkeit, Administration, Flm-libary, Eigenes Label, Promotion, Musiknoten, Jingle prod., Vermittlung Artists
  • TCB Music S.A. | Peter Schmidlin

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: World, Instrumental, Jazz, Traditional
    • Further activities: n.a.
  • Tyrolis Musik AG | Margrit Büchler

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Reggae, Country, World, Instrum., Trad., Classical Schlager, Children
    • Further activities: Distrib., Licencee/ Licen- sor, Prod., Admin. (Catal.) Own Labels, Promo., Inter- med.authors/composers/ songs
  • Viteka Music AG | Willy Viteka

    Country: CH

    Genre: Pop, Latino, Italo, Spanish, Instrumental, Children

    Further activities: Licencee/Licencor, Production, Own Labels, Administration catalogue, Intermediary of authors/ composers/songs

  • Z-Music GmbH | Peter Zumsteg

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, Instrumental
    • Further activities:  Licensor, Prod. Own Label
  • AVC AG | Peter Pozza

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Country, World, New Age, Instrum., Trad., Schlager, Classical, Gospel, Children
    • Further activities: Distrib., Licenccee/Licensor, Production, Own Labels, Jingle Prod./Commercials
  • CH-Musica Musikverlag Muster | Philipp Muster

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Blasorchester, Blasmusik
    • Further activities: Distributor, Printed Music
  • Cresta Music | René Wicky

    • Country: CH
    • E-Mail:
    • Genre: Schweizer Volksmusik (Ländlermusik, Jodel), Blasmusik, Traditional
    • Further activities: Brassmusic – eigenes Label
  • Edition Melodie GmbH | Stephan F. Peterer

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Folk, Reggae, Country, World, New Age, Instrumental, Traditional, Schlager, Classical, Children
    • Further activities: Production of print, music & tutorial books
  • Emonomedia GmbH

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Classik, Rock, Pop, Jazz Pop
    • Further activities: Sheetmusic, Books, Labels, Distribution, Licensing
  • Interstellar Music GmbH

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: all genres
    • Further activities: licensing, supervision, consulting
  • Mondia Music Sarl | Betrand Liechti

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Rock, Jazz, Traditional Brasilian Songs,TV- Series, Filmmusic
    • Further activities: n.a.
  • NiRo Sounds Edition | Nick & Robin Heizmann

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, World, Instrumental
    • Further activitiesDistributor, Licensor, Production, Administration catalogue, Own label, Promotion, Intermediary Authors, Composers, songs
  • Radicalis | David Burger

    • Country: CH/DE
    • Genre: Alternativ, Rock, Pop
    • Further activitiesBooking, Management, Label
  • Rudi Schedler Musikverlag GmbH| Rudi Schedler

    • Country: CH / AT / DE / IT
    • Genre: Pop, Schlager / Schlager
    • Further activities: n.a.
  • SG Productions | Serge Gauya

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: All styles, mainly Latin and World
    • Further activies: Production, Licensor, Licensee
  • Stellanera GmbH | Christian Siegenthaler

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, World Music
    • Further activities: n.a.
  • T.B.A Music Publishing | Victor Waldburger

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Dance, Rap
    • Further activities: Distribution, Licensor, Production, Admin. (Catalogue), Own Label, Promotion
  • Terem-Musik Verlag

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: n.a.
    • Further activities: n.a.
  • Velvet Field | Philippe + Daniela Kienholz

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, Folk, World, Instrumental, World
    • Further activities: Licensor, Production, Admin. (Catalogue), Own Label, Promotion, Jingle-Production, Intermediary Authors/ Composers/Songs
  • Wemotions | Lukas Wenger

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: pop, electro
    • Further activities: Licensor, Label, Production,
  • You Manage Consulting AG | Daniel Honegger

    • Country: CH
    • Genre: all genres
    • Further activities: Project Manager
please choose the member type for your application
How many musical works do you publish?
Proof of music publishing activity Switzerland; Please send us the SUISA membership certificate or/and certificate of registration. Further: your publishing catalogue or other proof.
I hereby confirm that I have answered the questions in a truthful manner and accept the statutes of SVMV.